FINAL NEWS – 176 entries all up & 1 week to go!

Novices – Enter on the Day – Two Way Tracks – Wingello Forest Trails – Bushfire Evacuation Plan

The larger than expected number of entries is great for MTBO in Australia and we have a very even spread of competitors in all the classes. 

The extra numbers has caused a few minor problems one of them being insufficient time to order additional socks for each competitor. With a little bit of shuffling there will be, 150 pairs of the blue Aust MTBO socks, 20 odd pair of Newcastle MTBO Socks (same brand) and some smaller pairs of socks for the juniors. These will be available from registration at all the events.
At the same time you will be issued with your bike number which has 3 x zip ties stuck on the back and your presentation dinner entry ticket if you have pre booked.

NOVICES and Enter on the Day

There will be a few first time competitors and families at the events and they will be given a little extra time and help at the starts. If you get a chance to talk to any novices, some friendly advice would go down well. Please let the officials at the registration know that you need a little advice as well. We will have someone looking after the novices and enter on the day.


In the sprint there are several short lengths of single track that will have riders travelling in opposite directions. These tracks will not have any signs or warning that they are two way, please pass safely and give way when necessary.

Wingello Forest Highland Trails (Long and Middle events)

We will be sign posting several sections of the single track in Wingello State Forest to warn riders that there will be two way traffic on the tracks. This is due to riders training in the area for the Highland Fling in November and using the tracks as directed by the trail markers. The up side is that they have been busy cleaning and repairing the single tracks ready for the Fling.

Bushfire Evacuation Plan

Due to the present high fire danger risk, we ask all competitors to read the Bushfire Evacuation Plan for the events.

Wingello Primary School P&C

As previously advised the P&C will be providing early breakfast/snacks and drinks at the Sprint event from around 7.30am. They have also agreed to put on a sausage sizzle with a few cold drinks at the Long event from around 11.00am to 1.30pm. This is a “cash only” on each day and your support of their catering at the events would be appreciated.

Lucky Draw

We will be handing out a raffle ticket to those that are attending the presentation. The ticket is you chance to go into the draw for the prizes. You will need to be at the presentation to collect your prize. All are welcome to attend the presentation.

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