Tech Info

Australian MTBO completion rules will apply to all events.


SportIdent timing will be used for all events. All competitors will be required to use a SportIdent eCard. If you don’t own one, they will be available for hire when entering on Eventor under the Additional Services menu for $3 per event.


Competition maps will use the IOF standard 4×2 track system and will conform exactly to current IOF specs.

Please note that during these events, it is only permitted to ride on tracks which are marked on the map or on open areas of ground shown which are shown on the map as open land (100% yellow) – symbol 401.

A copy of the previous Wingello map from 2012.

Classes offered

For the three Australian MTBO championship events:

Men / Women elite:  M/W21
Men / Women Masters:  M/W40, M/W50, M/W60, M/W70, M/W80
Men / Women Juniors:  M/W 17-20, M/W16, M/W14

“Recreational” entries for those not wishing to ride in the Championship (age) classes will be available in Open Classes M/W 2, 3, 4, 5 (reflected by course number).
Participation in Championship classes is restricted to members of IOF recognised orienteering associations, including all Australian state orienteering associations and affiliated clubs.

Course details

Course lengths and elevations will be included in the next bulletin.

National MTBO Series

The three Australian Championship events comprise the third round of the 2016 National MTBO Series for Junior, Senior and Masters classes. More information on the series on this link.